July Beekeeping Tips

Here are a few July beekeeping tips:

Finish extracting honey. After extracting, put the wet super back on the hive for a few hours only to allow the bees to clean it up. If you leave it on for a longer time, the bees will begin refilling it. Freeze extracted frames for several days to kill all wax moth and SHB eggs. Store supers and frames with Paramoth or Enoz crystals (paradichlorobenzene). Do NOT use old fashioned moth balls! (Naphthalene)

If you removed all honey supers in June, you will need to feed in the hot, dry summer months.

Reduce entrances to prevent robbing.

Bees need a good source of water in order to keep their hives cool. Remember that bees can’t swim. Add pebbles or sticks for them to land on. Make sure that source is always available to prevent bees from using your neighbor’s swimming pool as a “watering hole”.

Consider shading and ventilating hives. Prop tops open with a small stick. Popsicle sticks work well. If you prop the cover open too far, the bees will need to defend an additional entrance.

In early July, start fall nucs with purchased queens. These nucs will need to be fed. They can be overwintered and ready to make a crop of honey in the spring.

Re-queen production hives with purchased queens.

Test and treat for varroa. Do not use chemicals when honey supers are on.

There’s not much blooming in July so your bees will be coming to your garden more often. There may be horsemint and a few wildflowers blooming, depending on rain.

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