Honey Bees


Do you have a swarm?

Swarms are bees that are looking for a new home. Swarms usually occur in spring when the population in the hive is growing. When the colony gets too big, about half of the bees and their old queen fly off in a swarm to find a new home. 

Swarms look like big (or small) clumps of bees hanging on a tree branch or fence. Swarms usually don’t stay in one place for more than a day. When they find a new home, they will all fly away to  begin a new colony of bees. Because they don’t have any home or brood to defend, they are generally very docile. 

Call us quickly if you see a swarm. A member of the club is always happy to get free bees. 


Bee swarm on tree

Do you have bees in a building?

Bees that are flying in an out of a wall have already established a hive. They require a beekeeper with special skills to remove them. If you have a colony of bees that needs to be removed from a building, feel free to call us for a referral. There is usually a charge for removing bees from a structure depending on the difficulty involved. 

Check out the Texas Apiary Inspection Service’s website for registered bee removal experts.

Bees in a house wall

Are you sure you have honey bees?

yellow jacket
Yellow Jacket
Honey bee
Honey Bee

How can you help save the bees?

  • Stop using pesticides that poison and weaken pollinators.
  • Look the other way when you see dandelions in your yard. They’re great nectar plants.
  • Feed a bee by planting flowers and trees that provide nectar and pollen.
    Support your local beekeeper by buying locally produced honey.
  • Consider keeping a hive in your backyard.